Which 'And Just Like That' Character Is Most Earth-Friendly?

By Faran Krentcil, Fact checked by Jessica Ochoa

4 min read

Sex and the City

Photo Credit: HBO Max / "And Just Like That"

Is your carbon footprint smaller if it’s made with Manolo Blahniks? That’s what we couldn’t help but wonder as we watched And Just Like That. The show is as famous for its nonstop fashion parade as its are-you-kidding-me sex scenes. And even though Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte aren’t real people, their onscreen behavior can have very real consequences. Witness the success of Magnolia Bakery, a cupcake franchise that took off after being featured on the show. (See also: Fendi baguette bags, Nars “orgasm” blush, Soho House, and... ahem... Peloton.) So it’s safe to say that where Carrie Bradshaw leads, real consumer behaviors will follow—which means more sustainable behavior could, too. 

Here’s how each main character ranks on our planetary wellness scale, and what they can do to make an even better connection to the planet. (And yes, this is a total laugh… but why shouldn’t thinking about the planet be fun?)


How She Lets Good Grow Wild…

Carrie’s wardrobe is a circular fashion fan’s dream. She has vintage and secondhand pieces from the ‘70s through today, and re-wears clothes she’s had for decades, including a classic Gucci bag from 2002, a studded vintage belt from 2008, a sequin Fendi purse from 1999, and a Dolce & Gabbana jacket from 2001 that Carrie repurposes as a blanket. Carrie also buys wild-caught salmon in the first AJLT episode, and uses a range of tote bags—including one from our friends at New York or Nowhere—to carry her groceries. More eco-friendly behavior: Carrie is a big fan of the New York Public Library, which keeps books, videos, and albums in circulation long after individual copies are usually discarded. She often walks through New York instead of taking a car, and her current apartment is stairs-only, which cuts the energy use of an elevator. Plus, Carrie uses a MacBook Air to write, which has considerably better energy conservation than most other personal computers.

How She Can Do Better…

Carrie owns enough clothes! She doesn’t need to buy any more... though we highly doubt the former Mrs. Preston will stop her trend addictions anytime soon. Hopefully, she’ll stick with secondhand purchases only, though swapping pieces with her friends would be an even more sustainable move. (Oh, and Carrie should stop smoking, since it’s bad for planetary wellness and personal wellness. At least get a vape like Che Diaz.)


How She Lets Good Grow Wild…

All hail our lady of public transportation! Miranda is often spotted on the New York City subway, one of the most energy efficient ways to get around town. Maybe that’s not a surprise, since Miranda was the first Sex and the City character to carry a tote bag for groceries—the Anya Hindmarch “I Am Not a Plastic Bag” version in 2007.  Now in 2021, Miranda is recommitting herself to social justice as a lawyer, which means she can help stem the ecological effects of urbanization, including pollution and food deserts. Miranda also insists her son uses condoms—a vital defense against overpopulation.  Though the whole thing about letting her high schooler’s girlfriend sleep over? Ew. No. Ew.

How She Can Do Better…

We were shocked—shocked!—to see Miranda Hobbes getting deliveries from Amazon, instead of picking up household items at her local Brooklyn businesses. Shopping at independent stores in her neighborhood would support her community while cutting down on shipping emissions. Miranda should also check her liquor labels to ensure her tequila shots are ethically made and sustainably harvested.


How She Lets Good Grow Wild…

The proud owner of a rescue dog, Charlotte has long been part of the adopt-don’t-shop movement, starting with her first beloved puppy, a rejected show dog named Elizabeth Taylor who joined the bitches of SATC in 2004. Charlotte’s clothes from the ‘90s are getting a second life thanks to her teenage daughter, Lily, which sets a great example through passing down fashion pieces and shopping your closet (or your mom’s, as the case may be). Charlotte encourages both of her children to participate in active analog activities—Lily in piano and Rock in skateboarding—and walks them to and from school and Central Park. And by embracing Rock’s full gender spectrum, she is creating a loving and supportive environment that treats personal wellness as a vital part of thriving in the world.

How She Can Do Better…

Like Carrie, Charlotte could work on her extravagant shopping methods… though if our mom wanted to buy us an Oscar de la Renta dress straight from the runway, we wouldn't complain! Charlotte is also often spotted with disposable coffee cups, which aren’t doing the planet any favors. Doesn’t she know Patagonia makes reusable ones in pink?