Wanna Get Dirty?

By Wild Elements

1 min read

Potted Plants

Dating dirtbags? No. Touching dirt: Yes. At least when it comes to creating a double dose of wellness for you and your houseplant. Here’s the deal:

Science says that touching soil, much like touching grass, literally makes us feel more grounded. That’s why practices like gardening are connected to reduced anxiety, heightened mindfulness, and even a stronger immune system.

But we know “gardening” isn’t always a possibility—it’s cold, we’re busy, etc. That’s why today’s small step is even simpler: Re-pot a houseplant in some new soil. 

Biologists say early spring is the ideal time to re-pot plants, because it’s when their natural growth cycles are gearing up. Meanwhile, replacing old soil can help a plant retain nourishment for a longer period of time, meaning you won’t have to water it (or forget to water it) as often.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Gently grab your plant pot and shake its soil free. 
  2. Even more gently, take hold of your plant at its base and shake it loose from the existing soil. (Wear gloves if you’re dealing with a cactus or something prickly.)
  3. With a pair of scissors, trim the plants’ exposed roots about ¼ inch.
  4. Check out the bottom of your plant pot. Does it have a hole? Great. If not, add a few rocks or a handful of gravel to the bottom to help with drainage. 
  5. Place your plant back into the pot, centering it as much as possible.
  6. Add your new soil! Take a few deep breaths—fresh dirt can smell very calming. Pack the dirt firmly around the plant.
  7. Add some water. That’s it!