The Best Compostable K-Cups

By Wild Elements

1 min read

“I’m just a girl… standing in front of a coffee maker… asking for it to love the planet.”

That’s because over 16 million households have a single-use espresso machine in their kitchens, not to mention all the offices that do the same. And while these auto-caffeine stops are super-convenient and can save water, they’re also popping billions of plastic pods into the garbage. 

But one small shift can make a huge difference: Compostable coffee pods filled with fair-trade coffee. Swapping them for the regular plastic kind is better for the Earth and better for your body, because there’s no chance of microplastics leaking into your morning (and afternoon… okay, and evening…) dark roast blend. Plus, they’re compatible with Keurigs, so it’s the easiest possible type of switch.

Here are some of our favorites. Got more to add? DM us here and let us know! ❤️☕

Peace Coffee’s organic dark roast brings full-bodied flavor to its ethically-farmed brew, along with super-cute forest drawings on every package.

San Francisco Bay Coffee makes compostable Donut Shop pods that are BPA-Free and full of the old-school flavor that fuels late-night outings and sudden jolts of evening inspiration.

Artizan Coffee’s variety pack includes a wide range of intensity, packed into 40 individual and compostable pods that fit neatly in a Nespresso machine. (You can even pack them in your travel bag for business hotel stays!)

These biodegradable pods from Tayst contain a dark roast from sustainably-sourced South American beans. Tayst also has a half-caf variety if you need a little more zing.