Sea Fennel Is Nature's Retinol

By Wild Elements

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Sea Fennel Natural Retinol

If you’ve ever taken a seaside walk, you’ve likely seen
sea fennel, a bright green plant that sprouts from rocky cliffs and sandy enclaves. Sea fennel is also called “rock samphire” and with its vivid coloring and wild curly leaves, it resembles a land-locked version of seaweed—which makes sense, because sea fennel is densely packed with many of the same skin-boosting nutrients as sea kelp. 

Sea fennel is rich in Vitamin A, which is the key ingredient in retinol and retinoids. It’s also dense in Vitamin C and Amino Acids. But what really makes sea fennel an in-demand plant for skincare and body care is how fast it can deliver its health benefits. Sea fennel is major because its nutrients are bioavailable, which means the human body easily recognizes them, and absorbs them seamlessly into its own healing systems. 

Here’s how sea fennel helps personal and planetary wellness through the ecosystem, on the skin, and in the body. 

Sea fennel is an abundant part of the marine ecosystem across the British Isles, Mediterranean and North African coasts, and along the Atlantic shoreline.Because it’s packed with calcium, fiber, and potassium, not to mention its major vitamin and mineral content, sea fennel was a popular food source for coastal communities, and is still grown in English gardens. It’s part of the carrot family (really!) and tastes a bit like them, just saltier.

Sea fennel is often called “nature’s retinol” because of its high concentration of Vitamin A. Used in skincare, sea fennel extract encourages the body’s collagen defense system, which helps protect skin’s natural smoothness and firmness. Sea fennel also helps make skin appear smoother and brighter thanks to its tight combination of hydration molecules and exfoliating Vitamin C.

Sea fennel is an easy ingredient in salad or stir fry, and it can be easily included in daily supplements. Sea fennel’s natural nutritional value includes bone-strengthening minerals like calcium and potassium, plus brain-boosting fatty acids and polyphenols. Sea fennel can add immunity support from its Vitamin C content.

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