Binge Watch for Good

By Faran Krentcil, Fact checked by Jessica Ochoa

1 min read

Wild Elements Wild Innovators

Lights. Camera. Systemic positive change…? It’s happening on the streaming platform WaterBear. The free content hub is based in Amsterdam, and comes loaded with award-winning documentaries and original content about the future and magic of our planet and its people. Including a new series created by—drumroll—us!

Today, we debut Wild Innovators by Wild Elements. It’s a 5-part series focused on female leaders at the forefront of environmental change. That includes wildlife conservationists Resson Kantai Duff of Ewaso Lions, Rosamira Guillen of Proyecto Tití, and Sheila Funnell of the Grevy's Zebra Trust, along with renowned biologist Dr. Krithi Karanth from the Centre for Wildlife Studies, and Farm Urban’s sustainable agriculture leaders Abigail Williams and Jayne Goss. Watch the show and you’ll see in-depth interviews with these changemakers, along with unprecedented footage of their work and their local communities, plus a few lions ready for their closeup. (We heard the MGM mascot was having auditions, so…) 

The series lives on WaterBear, a streaming platform dedicated to stories about environmental activism, conservation, and positive action. (WaterBear even allows you to take direct action and support environmental NGOs around the world.) The episodes are part of a wider Wild Elements mission to reshape how stories are told about the natural world. We’ve got some big ideas on how to amplify people—specifically women and changemakers of color—on the forefront of change, and how to inspire more people to protect the planet by exploring regenerative style, green technology, and the wonder of nature like never before. 

Grab your (fair trade) popcorn and sign up for your free WaterBear subscription here, then watch Wild Innovators by Wild Elements and DM us what you think!