All the Nature Easter Eggs in "Lavender Haze"

By Faran Krentcil

3 min read

Taylor Swift Lavender Haze Field

Taylor Swift isn't the only one going deep in a Lavender Haze. The singer's new video has amassed over 11 million views in just 3 days, and it's currently YouTube's #1 music clip. But while fans pore over the self-directed mini-movie looking for hidden meanings (like, is that really a Speak Now record peeking out of her coffee table?), we've compiled all of nature's Easter Eggs for you to explore. After all, T-Swift may be one of the most compelling performers on the planet... but the planet itself is pretty spellbinding, too. 😉

Lavender, The Plant

Lavender Hazey

Lavender is a biodiversity booster because of its fragrant nectar, which attracts pollinators like birds, bees, and even bats. By feeding these key species, lavender helps keep plants worldwide in bloom, which makes our food supply more secure and our soil more robust. Lavender is also a natural pest repellant, so it can be used instead of harsher chemicals to deter flies and mosquitos without any toxins.


Taylor Swift mastermind constellations

This magazine cover shows the constellations for Sagittarius and Pisces, which correspond to the zodiac signs of Swift (December 13) and her partner Joe Alwyn (February 21). Sagittarius and Pisces are both visible in a clear night sky, and viewing them can be part of Dark Nature, a practice where turning off our phones and experiencing the outdoors at night can help lower our stress levels, ease our sleep cycles, and enhance the safety of nocturnal animals like foxes and wolves. 



Taylor Swift Lavender Haze

By placing her hands and feet on the grass, Taylor Swift is enhancing her mood by Grounding or Earthing, "the belief that standing on, lying on, or even touching a natural surface for 15+ minutes can restore energy and focus, and make you feel more connected to your body and the world." To put it in Twitter parlance, T-Swift is literally touching grass. 

Extreme Weather

Taylor Swift Weather Map

We know, we know, the number 13 is a classic Taylor Swift motif and not a true weather catastrophe hidden in the middle of a music video. Still, by showing a polar vortex in the middle of a springtime climate, Swift is reminding us that our small actions can lead to big changes for the planet. The absolute biggest way we can help? Reducing food waste by properly storing our leftover food, composting, and replacing single-use plastic.


Reusable Glasses

Taylor Swift Wine

Speaking of single use plastic, there isn't any in T-Swift's new video! All of her extras are drinking from reusable wine glasses instead. Want to follow suit? We can start with water bottles, which can save us $500 per year and protect over 800 species harmed by plastic pollution—including humans.


Lavender Haze Cloud

When Taylor Swift pushes down the walls around her to make room for nature, she's not just creating a cool screenshot—she's also practicing biophilia, the act of bringing natural elements indoors to heighten creative thinking and feelings of well being. Do we want a giant cloud hanging out on our couch? No. Do we want the 88% lift in mood caused by plants and natural light when they're brought into indoor spaces? Oh yes.

Lavender, The Wellness Therapy

Taylor Swift Lavender Bath

Taylor's got the right idea. Bathing with a few drops of pure lavender oil is a time-honored ritual that herbal healers have used for centuries. Not only does lavender have proven calming properties when used in aromatherapy, it's also a mild antiseptic, which means it can help heal small scrapes, cuts, and raw or chafed skin. And because lavender is a natural plant-based compound, it can safely go down the drain, or even in your compost bin. (You might want to skip bathing in actual lavender petals, but they do look cool on the grid.)